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St Mary's Roof Repairs

St Mary's Roof Repair Project


BEWARE - LEAD THIEVES!If you see any suspicious activity - please note the vehicle reg. number, make & colour. Dial 999 & contact either John Marshall - or John Cooper immediately! Contact numbers on directory page.

Photos: By John MarshallBefore - during & after images will appear above and below, so you can monitor our progress. Click on any individual image for an enlarged view and to move through albums.


The Bats! Their deposits in the collection plate and elsewhere in church are not appreciated! At considerable expense - we have had to acccomodate them in the roof works with bat entry/exit points - as they are a legally protected species (regardless of the mess they make!)It is an offence to:• deliberately kill, injure or capture a bat;• deliberately disturb bats in such a way as to be likely significantly to affect the ability of any significant group of bats to survive, breed, or rear or nurture their young or the local distribution or abundance of that species.• damage or destroy any breeding or resting place used by bats;• intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to any place used by bats for shelter or protection.Click below for enlarged view of the Bat Year!

Graffiti on Church Roof...' F F Hewitt Kirton 1852 ' was inscribed in a half shield found during the removal of a piece of lead above the Lady Chapel crossing. The lead is in good condition and about 5 or 6mm thick. (See below...) The 1851 Census Record reveals the workman to be: Francis Fisher Hewitt - aged 20 years Occupation Plumber Born at Kirton in 1831.Further information by Joan Deane:Francis Fisher Hewitt`s father was a plumber and in 1841 the family were living near the Drainside. Francis married Amy Casson at Hinckley, Leics. in 1860. She had been born in Boston. The following year they were living in Nottingham and Francis was a tobacconist. In 1871 they had moved to Whitechapel, had 4 children and Francis was a painter. Ten years later they were still in Whitechapel, had two daughters still with them and he was a House Decorator. Francis died in 1890 aged 60. It seems that Francis followed his father's trade to start with, whether willingly or not we don`t know of course, but didn`t stick with it. Presumably his father William was in charge of the Frampton roof works.

Site Forman - Stuart Rapley with the most interesting find!

Photos below: Week 7: The new Terne coated steel roofing sheets start to be affixed.

Terne coated finishes on stainless steelsTerne coatings can be applied to carbon and stainless steels. They are usually done on sheet or strip for external cladding, roofing, flashings etc. building applications. Terne coating confers a lead patina appearance to the steel surface and so can be used as a substitute for solid lead sheet roofing to buildings such as churches.Definition of terne coating:Terne coated stainless steels are defined ias 'stainless steel continuously hot dip coated with a lead-tin alloy'. These standards also cover 'tin coated stainless steel' as 'stainless steel continuously coated with tin by electrodeposition'.The normal stainless steel 'substrate' strip thicknesses range from 0.4 to 0.8 mm in BS EN 502. These have a specified minimum coating mass of 20 gm/m2 for hot dipped terne coatings or 10 gm/m2 for tin coatings. They are laid on timber substrates, usually with underlays to reduce noise. Standing or batten-roll jointing systems are most common.Advantages of terne coated stainless steel:These strip materials are therefore much lighter than traditional lead roofing systems and so can result in lighter support structure cost savings. 'Creep' of the cladding will not occur as it may do with lead sheeting and so should be more stable. Tern coated sheet should also be more difficult to remove once installed and so less likely to be stolen!

Photos below: Week 10 New rainwater guttering and pipes being fitted. New tiles to vestry roof and south porch - in addition to the steel works.

A good day for the roof works and a good sunset across the fields!

19th January 2016 Roof repair work now all completed!Thank you to Belfry Ltd and all the team! Special thanks to the Site Foreman Stuart Rapley who has been very helpful throughout the period of work!Thanks also to Anthony Herrod for work in protecting the pipes from dust and then re-commissioning the organ.It's good to have the pipes back in use!The organ now needs a complete re-tune and some work done on it - after Easter.

Job Done - Final Week

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