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Frampton Incumbents

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Rectors of Frampton:StephenPhilip of Eye1277 Thomas of Huntingfield1288 Michael of Boyton1308 William of Huntingfield1312 Richard of Fornivans1329 Richard of Rammesholt1334 Roger of Stickford1358 William of Driffield1361 Thomas of Mapilton1378 Geoffrey Le Scrop DCL1382 Reginald Porter1386 John of Killerby1386 Ordination of Vicarage Vicars of Frampton:1387 William Coke1400 Robert Fryston1416 John Turnour1420 John Baynton1435 Richard Roper1458 Thomas Morpath alias Sharpearowe1472 Robert Wombwell1476 Edward Yonge1489 William Wake M.A.1489 George Ogle1499 Thomas Patenson M.A.1507 William Greveson M.A.1509 Thomas Mackerell M.A.1517 Edward Brown1523 Christopher Smyrke1553 Christopher Grainger1556 Thomas Masinge1569 Simon Lowes1579 John Howson1591 John Shelley B.A.1619 Thomas Franklin1629 Gabriel Coolinge M.A.

1639 Samuel ConeyConey died in 1670 and no vicar appears to have been instituted until 1698, the Parish being served by a succession of Curates.1698 Laurence Payne1737 Thomas Loynam B.A.1752 Charles Myres B.A.1760 Thomas Bateman1769 Richard Gibson1772 Obadiah Bell1790 John Jeffrey Watson1796 John Wayet B.A.1804 West Wheldale1811 William Bolland M.A.1840 John Tunnard M.A.1876 John Smith1878 Ervin Thorold Eller1910 Percy Jules Hulbert1915 Robert George Mclleland M.A.1940 Thomas Monckton Tunnard LTH1953 Arthur John Sangster1959 Edward Ollerenshaw B.A.1969 David Hayward Sim1975 Jack Kenneth Horne1985 Neil Russell 1993 Eric Horner (Frampton with Kirton)1997 Richard Henry Ireson (Frampton with Wyberton)2001 Angela Hughes2009 Charles Sowden 2017 In Vacancy (20/02/17)

A Church and Priest were mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086

The Church & Community in Wyberton and Frampton