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Frampton 100 Club

Win with St Mary`s 100 Club!For over 800 years successive generations have looked after St Mary`s Church in order that those coming after them could use the church in the course of their everyday life as well as in times of joy and of trouble. Now it is our turn to look after this ancient building.The latest Quinquennial inspection has shown that the lead on much of the roof requires attention – a very expensive job. The congregation will be looking at various forms of fundraising, and as a start to our efforts a `100 Club` is being organised.The club runs on an annual basis. The new year starts 12 months May to April for a 12 month subscription of £12 (£1 per month) your number will be entered into the 12 monthly draws.If you join part way through the year you pay a pro rata amount for your number. The club will usually require a minimum of 60 subscribers to operate and is not limited to 100 members. Membership payment must be up to date for a number to be entered in the monthly draw.The monthly draw will be held each second Sunday, with the results being posted in `The Spires` magazine and on the website. Each month there will be a prize of £25, and in addition there will be an extra prize in December and April. >>

The 100 Club! Fundraiser for St Mary's Church. Click here to open application form & save the pdf to your PC.

Monthly Prize Winners! Congratulations to the following:2017Aug 22 - Mrs J. McInteeJuly 38 - Mr F. BriggsJune 27 - Mr M. DeaneMay 4 - Miss R. DeaneApril 87 - Mrs P. White April 33 - Mr D. StubleyMar 9 - Mrs C. PalingFeb 42 - Mr & Mrs W. CastleJan 80 - Mrs N. Beeson2016Dec 35 - Mr & Mrs R Pilbeam 96 - Mr A CrowderNov 24 - Mrs J. JessopOct 57 - Mrs E. SalkeldSept 13 - Mrs M. ScottAug 28 - Mrs E. SalkeldJuly 81 - Mr P. BennettJune 92 - Mrs C. HampsonMay 7 - Mr J Peach April 21 - Mrs C ReamsMarch 58 - Mrs E. PowellFeb 12 - Mr P. CopelandJan 48 - Mr R. Hickling2015Dec 45 - Mrs S. Crowder 78 - Mrs V. KimeNov 1- Ms G. AtkinsonOct 49 - Mrs C. PattrickSept 19 - Mrs W. CopeAug 29 - Mrs C. FreemanJuly 21 - Mrs C. ReamsJune 28 - Mrs E. SalkeldMay 85 - Mrs S. BamberApril 1 - Ms G. Atkinson 39 - Mrs O. SheltonMar 7 - Mr D. AtkinsonFeb 4 - Miss R. DeaneJan 78 - Mrs V Kime2014Dec 5 - Mrs J. Ashton 69 - Mr K. ScottNov 66 - Mrs G. PeachOct 34 - Mrs J. LonglandSep 52 - Mrs A BennettAug 39 - Mr F. BriggsJuly 65 - Mrs G WoodwardJune 12 - Mr P. CopelandMay 22 - Mrs J McInteeApril 74 - Mrs I Ginn 86 - Mr R HalgarthMar 50 - Miss H CooperFeb 51 - Mrs S HicklingJan 35 - Mr & Mrs R Pilbeam

50% of the subscription money will be paid out as prize money so hopefully the response will allow even more prizes to be drawn!Please tell your family, friends and work colleagues about this – especially those who have Frampton connections but who now live away. The more people who join, the more prizes there will be! You need to be in it - to win it - Contact Joan Deane to join now!

Join now!

100 Club Previous Winners

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